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Oral surgery

If you have missing teeth for a while, loss of bone in your jaw is common. It’s the body’s normal response to tooth loss, infection, gum disease or other trauma.

For dental implants to work, there must be enough bone in the jaw, which is strong enough to hold and support the implant. If this is not the case, you may need some treatment before your implant treatment can begin, such as bone augmentation or bone grafting.

At your initial consultation, we will determine how much bone is available and the shape of the bone. This assessment is done through visual examination, palpation of the bone ridge and with advanced x-ray techniques.

Your dentist will discuss your outcome at this consultation and provide you with treatment options.

Sinus lift surgery

What is a Sinus Lift? 

The sinus lift procedure is when the floor of the sinus is carefully raised and re-positioned.

How long does the Sinus lift take?

The procedure will take between 1-2 hours. Every procedure has the option of being undertaken with intravenous sedation.

Why would I need a Sinus lift?

For a successful dental implant, there needs to be a sufficient height of bone. The sinus lift will re-position the thin membrane (part of the sinus) which will create more height to allow for a successful dental implant.

What does the Sinus lift procedure involve?

  • The sinus membrane will be exposed
  • The sinus membrane is skilfully and carefully lifted
  • The space will be filled with artificial bone granules
  • The affected area will then be left to heal (can take between 3-6 months) and then the implants will be placed
  • A dental implant can also be placed at the same time of a sinus lift in some instances

How much does a Sinus lift cost?

Sinus lift prices will vary from case to case. Please arrange your free consultation today to discuss all options and your dentist will draw up a proposed treatment plan, tailored to your needs, and all costs will be broken down and explained.

Is a Sinus lift suitable for me?

A sinus lift may not be suitable for you, but there are other options that will be discussed during the free consultation.

Soft tissue grafting

What is a soft tissue graft?

If you are suffering from a receding gum line and you have exposed roots, a soft tissue grafting procedure will be used to improve the appearance of your smiles.

How long does the soft tissue graft take?

Depending on the patients exact needs the procedure can vary between 1-2 hours. There may be a slight discomfort in the mouth the next day and most patients will also return to work the next day.

The overall healing process can take from 2-4 weeks.

Why would I need a soft tissue graft?

If you are suffering from these symptoms, a soft tissue graft may be for you:

  • Receding gum line
  • Teeth roots exposed
  • Sensitive teeth to hot or cold food and drinks

What is the soft tissue graft procedure?

  • The patient will have a local anaesthetic administered
  • The dentist will graft some tissue from another area of the patients mouth
  • The tissue will then be fixed to the affected areas in the patients mouth

How do I know if this treatment is suitable for me?

If you have been suffering from any of the above symptoms, or you are just conscious about how you look when you smiles, this could be the perfect treatment for you. The dentist will discuss all your available options during the free consultation.

Bone grafting

In some scenarios before a patient can even qualify for dental implants, they may need to have a bone graft, to ensure there is a sufficient quantity of good quality bone for the implants to bond with.

Hereford Dental & Implant Clinic’s highly skilled and trained dental team can carry out an x-ray and CT scan to assess the quantity/quality of the patient’s available bone, to ensure we offer the patient the best course of dental treatment for them.

If the results show insufficient bone, an appointment will be arranged and the dentist will perform a bone graft procedure, using bone from another area of the patient’s mouth or we will use artificial bone.

What does the procedure entail?

  • The procedure will be carried out under IV sedation for patient comfort
  • The required bone block will be harvested from a donor site in the mouth
  • The bone block will be securely fixed at the required site
  • The operated areas will be closed and allowed to heal

Once the procedure has been completed, the patient will have slight discomfort in the donor and grafted sites, in which pain killers can be taken for the slight discomfort.

What causes bone loss?

  • Prolonged denture wear
  • Missing teeth
  • Periodontal gum disease
  • Ageing process
  • Traumatic extraction/tooth loss

Do I need a bone graft?

If you have any of the above factors, you may need a bone graft before you could qualify to have a dental implant. Our highly trained dental team at Hereford Dental & Implant Clinic are dedicated to all patients, providing the highest levels of patient care and customer service, ensuring that each and every patient are happy with their dental health, treatment and overall experience. Book your free consultation today and see which options are available to you.