Denture repair

If not looked after properly dentures can unfortunately be damaged and broken. Over a long period of time without any natural teeth, the gums will start to recede and shrink causing your dentures to not fit your mouth correctly, which will also weaken and damage the dentures.

However gum recession can be effectively rectified by dental implants which will securely hold your denture, whilst supporting your jaw bone and promoting healthy gums.

My dentures have been damaged

If your dentures have worn away and broken over time, or they have accidentally been damaged, please do not hesitate to phone us and arrange an appointment with our clinical dental technician who will asses and examine your dentures.

Things to look out for includes:

  • Broken/Missing teeth
  • Chips
  • Fractures/Cracks

How long will it take to repair my denture?

We will fix your dentures as soon as possible, which can even be done in a few days! (depending on demand)The majority of our patients will wear their back up dentures for the time being. However not everyone will have a back up pair of dentures and we will add further haste to fixing your dentures!

How do I prevent my dentures from breaking?

  • If your dentures are starting to feel loose, please arrange a free consultation for our clinical dental technician to assess them
  • We recommend that when your taking out and re-inserting your dentures to do so over a towel or sink to catch them if they fall
  • Clean your dentures over a sink

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