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Dental Health - At Christmas

With Christmas almost here and us being surrounded by rich foods and sweet treats, it’s vitally important we look after our teeth. If we don’t, the consequences can be uncomfortable – even painful. An abscess is a particularly distressing complication of tooth decay. Also caused by a broken or chipped tooth, this infection can move very swiftly from the tooth to the bone supporting the tooth and will be very painful. This infection can remain active and continue to spread through the tooth and bone, causing more pain and destroying more tissue. When it comes to treating an abscess, the goals of the treatment are to cure the infection, save the tooth and, of course, prevent further complications. The main symptoms include severe toothache, a bitter taste in the mouth, breath odour, fever, pain when chewing, swelling of the gum over the infected tooth, swollen glands or a swollen area of the upper or lower jaw. Another mouth infection that is much less serious is the ulcer. They’re a very common infection and present themselves more to women and young adults – that said, most people will get 1 or 2 a year. Ordinarily, they’re caused by damage to the tissue (normally the inside of the cheeks or lips) – sharp food or an accidental bite, for example. Other possible triggers are feeling stressed or run down. Treatment isn’t required as they usually go by themselves in a week or two and won’t cause any lasting damage. Both abscesses and ulcers are a type of mouth infection but an abscess is far more serious
If you suspect you have one, book in with us on 01283 569000.

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Another mouth infection that is much less serious is the ulcer.
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