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Exciting Announcement From Beaufort Dental Health Centre

Here at Beaufort Dental Health Centre, we really believe in offering you the best possible service – that means providing you with a supportive team, short waiting times and top class dental treatment, advice and guidance.

That’s why we’re really happy to announce the very special arrival of Jo Jordan, our new dentist! Starting in November 2014, Jo has worked for 17 years in general dental practice.

Jo chose to become a dentist following a desire to have a career in the medical field. At the point of considering degree options, she attended a lecture on dentistry – and was sold! In particular, Jo says “…the practical aspects of various treatments really appealed to me; and the fact that I would be working directly with people”.

She qualified in 1997 from Birmingham University, and in 1999, achieved her Diploma in Membership of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners. (That means she’s really, really good at what she does!).

Jo offers a comprehensive range of dental treatments for all the family – ranging from prevention to much more advanced treatment. Jo’s ultimate aim, however, is to “help patients achieve and maintain a healthy mouth and smile which they are happy with.” Jo attends regular courses to make sure that the advice and treatments she offers are first-class and up-to-date.

Jo is really excited to be a part of the Beaufort team having known owners, Mel and Gail, professionally for many years. In her own words, “I am aware of the great reputation of the practice and know that they provide the type of care which I already provide – and wish to continue to provide”.

Her favourite part of being a dentist is the great relationships she builds up with her patients – it’s also hugely rewarding for Jo to see patients achieve and more importantly, maintain great oral health; especially those who perhaps once had problems.

If Jo had one piece of advice for the world, she’d say “Minimising the frequency of meals, drinks and snacks really helps to reduce plaque and keep teeth and gums healthy.” There are a lot of hidden sugars in foods that people just don’t realise are present. The actual recommended number of food and drink intakes (excluding water!) is 4 times a day!

And so, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Jo Jordan – our new dentist, starting in November! Welcome to Beaufort Dental Health Centre, Jo!

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