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The problem with sugar...
Hidden Sugar is not Sweet to Teeth
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Celebrating Our 18th Birthday!
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Dental Health - At Christmas
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Hidden Sugar
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How much sugar is there in your Easter Egg?

With Easter fast approaching we decided to research sugar content in popular Easter eggs. Do you know the amount of sugar contained? Particularly those marketed to children.

Public Health England guidancerecommends that children aged 4 to 10 years should eat no more than the equivalent of 5 to 6 cubes of sugar each day, but data shows children are consuming, on average 13 cubes.

Many children today receive several chocolate eggs from different relatives and friends, and we want you to be aware of what’s in these products and the harm it can have on your teeth and body.

How your oral health affects your overall health

You may ask what the health of your mouth has to do with your overall health? But in a word, plenty!  A look inside your mouth, or a swab of saliva can tell your doctor so much about what's going on inside the rest of your body, this often serves as a helpful vantage point for detecting the early signs and symptoms of systemic disease. Systemic conditions such as AIDS or diabetes, for example, often first become apparent as mouth lesions or other oral problems. In fact, according to the Academy of General Dentistry, more than 90 percent of all systemic diseases produce oral signs and symptoms.

The problem with sugar...

Children are having nearly three times more sugar than they should. Too much sugar can lead to an internal build-up of harmful fat. The presence of this fat around vital organs can cause weight gain and increase the risk of serious diseases in the future including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.


According to National Child Measurement Programme, data has shown the prevalence of obesity continues to rise in children aged 4-5. In 2016/17 almost a quarter of aged 4-5 year old were measured as being either overweight or obese.

Hidden Sugar is not Sweet to Teeth

When it comes to sugar, avoiding it may seem pretty easy when you first start. Eliminate the sweets, chocolate, cake and biscuits and you’re done, right?


Unfortunately, manufacturers across the globe are adding sugar to their foods – even foods we consider to be healthy are seemingly packed with sugar.

Are you a Nervous Dental patient?

Do you feel nervous about visiting the dentist? Do you get yourself worked into a tizz before you’ve even picked up the phone to book the appointment? Does a family member struggle with the thought of getting their oral health checked over?

If so, you’re not alone.

According to research carried out by National Smile Month (May 18– June 18), a whopping 1 in 7 adults are fearful about visiting the dentist. And as a practice that cares about preventative dental care, we’d like to see that changed (to 0 in 7!

Interview with Jo Jordan - Dentist

It’s three months since Jo Jordan joined the Beaufort Dental Health Centre team – and what a great few months it’s been!

To begin with, Jo didn’t know where anything was because of the unfamiliar surroundings. She now glides gracefully from cupboard to cupboard, knowing exactly what is where! 

On Jo’s very first day, she saw 2 emergencies, both involving children – and despite it being a new practice, from the support that the rest of the team offered, Jo felt comfortable and at home right away.

Dental Health - At Christmas

With Christmas almost here and us being surrounded by rich foods and sweet treats, it’s vitally important we look after our teeth. If we don’t, the consequences can be uncomfortable – even painful. An abscess is a particularly distressing complication of tooth decay. Also caused by a broken or chipped tooth, this infection can move very swiftly from the tooth to the bone supporting the tooth and will be very painful. This infection can remain active and continue to spread through the tooth and bone, causing more pain and destroying more tissue.

We are Celebrating Our 18th Birthday!

           Beaufort Dental Health Centre is 18

Back in November 1996, something very special was happening.

Mel Moody and Gail Cadwallader were just in the process of creating a place for people to visit, to be cared for and to have their confidence restored in dentists. Beaufort Dental Health Centre swung its doors open 18 years ago this week and what an incredible
journey (with an incredible team) it’s been.

From low points to high points – from flooding to awards of recognition - the practice has gone through every experience with grace, passion and poise– not least because every member of the team understood the importance of good dental health – and,                                                        course, creating a good relationship with their patient.

Halloween Feature - Trick or Treat

With Hallowe’en coming up, we thought it would be great to help you with a few tips on how to keep your mouth and teeth as healthy as possible – especially with all those sweet treats coming along!

So, here we have a few very simple bits of advice that will help you keep your and your family’s mouths in tip-top condition!

Start children early!

It sounds simple but really, if you can get them into the habit of cleaning their teeth twice a day, you stand in much better chance of them understanding the importance of keeping their teeth clean for the rest of their lives.

Exciting Announcement From Beaufort Dental Health Centre

Here at Beaufort Dental Health Centre, we really believe in offering you the best possible service – that means providing you with a supportive team, short waiting times and top class dental treatment, advice and guidance.

That’s why we’re really happy to announce the very special arrival of Jo Jordan, our new dentist! Starting in November 2014, Jo has worked for 17 years in general dental practice.

Jo chose to become a dentist following a desire to have a career in the medical field. At the point of considering degree options, she attended a lecture on dentistry – and was sold!