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We want you to fully understand all treatment options available so that you can decide what's best for you.

 Why Visit Us?

1. We listen and find out what you really want from us.
2. We give advice, solutions and options tailored to your needs.
3. We promise our dentists will always have your best interests at heart.
4. Our primary focus is to prevent dental disease and help you have healthy teeth and gums
    for life.
5. Our dentists are very skilled and can recommend many specialised procedures to improve
    your smile. This includes tooth whitening, tooth coloured fillings, ceramic crowns, bridges,
    porcelain veneers, cosmetic tooth contouring, implants and orthodontics.
6. Free Consultations with our Treatment Coordinator and we promise ..... no hard sell!
7. We offer several payment options including a private option (pay as you go) and our membership plan
     (that gives you a 20% discount on all treatments). We can also offer payment plans to spread the cost.
8. Your children and young adults are usually offered NHS care up to the age of 18 (or
    19 in full time education).
9. We are passionate about your dental health and we really care!

                                                                               Our Team
Gail Cadwallader  - B.D.S Hons 
Gail Cadwallader - B.D.S Hons
Dentist GDC No: 61577 Gail is orginally from Burton on Trent and her interests are preventative & cosmetic dentistry. She also performs facial aesthetics at the practice. She is also a busy mum
Melanie Moody - B.D.S Edinburgh
Dentist- GDC No: 65337 Melanie is originally from Burton on Trent and her interests are preventative dentistry & tooth straightening (orthodontics). She is a busy mum to two children.
Melanie Moody - B.D.S Edinburgh
Jo Jordan - B.D.S - Birmingham
Jo Jordan - B.D.S - Birmingham
Dentist - 73046
Jo joined Beaufort Dental Health
Centre in November 2014.
She enjoys providing comprehensive family dental care ranging from prevention to more advanced treatments. Jo regularly attends dental courses in order to keep up to date with the latest developments within dentistry.
Jo's sessions are Monday, Wednesday and Fridays
Joanne Royle
GDC: 6514
Welcome back, Jo the Hygiene Therapist!
After a brief 'break' to chase around after their longed-for twins, Jo is now back to offer you great dental care and oral health advice.
Jo is with us on Mondays, 8.15 am - 12:30pm, Tuesday 8.15am -1pm Thursdays 4pm - 7pm & Fridays 8.15am - 2.15pm
Joanne Royle
Antonia Kemp
Antonia Kemp
GDC: 237339
Antonia joined the practice in March 2017.
Antonia thoroughly enjoys working together with our patients towards achieving better oral health and maintaining healthy gums and teeth.
Welcome to the Team!
Clare Ison
Practice Manager & Treatment Coordinator - GDC No: 131068
Clare starting working at the practice in 1996. She is a qualified dental nurse, dental radiographer & oral health educator. She is a busy mum and Grandma !
Clare Ison
Roz Siddon
Roz Siddon
Treatment Coordinator, Oral Health Educator, Dental Nurse & Lead Nurse
GDC: 226451
Roz is a very experienced Dental Nurse and started with the practice at the very beginning in 1996.
Following a career break she recently returned to the practice to share her dental knowledge in the role of Treatment Coordinator.
She is busy mum of 2 children.
Yasmin Blood-Holland
GDC: 197534
Dental Nurse, Oral Health Educator & Lead in Decontamination Control.
Yasmin joined the practice in July 2016 bringing a wealth of experience & knowledge.
She is also a qualified Oral Health Educator which she is keen to promote at the practice to support our dentists and hygienist.

Yasmin Blood-Holland
Vicky Heape
Vicky Heape
Dental Nurse & Lead of Research and Development - GDC No: 218745
Vicky started working at the practice in 2010 and she has many previous years of experience in dentistry and is a qualified dental nurse.
Vicky is a complete wiz designing Cerec crowns at the practice along with her other responsibilities.
Charlotte Ritchie
Dental Nurse - Charlotte qualified to be a dental nurse with flying colours.
Charlotte is a very busy mum to Niall and Rosie.
She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and the occasional evening out when she can with the girls.
Charlotte Ritchie
Marnie Cunningham
Marnie Cunningham
Marnie joined the practice in July 2015 and she recently gained a Distinction in her 'Introductory to Dentistry Exam'.
Marnie is a writer and she is currently doing an excellent job writing our social media posts.
She is a busy mother to 2 teenage boys.
Amy Griffiths
Dental Nurse
GDC: 272679
Amy is a very enthusiastic dental nurse she is passionate about dentistry,
she is excellent with patient care.
Amy is going to be studying for her dental radiography soon and we know she will do very well!
Amy enjoys spending time with family and friends.
Amy Griffiths
Hannah Berwick
Hannah Berwick
Trainee Dental Nurse
Hannah is our latest Trainee Dental Nurse to join the practice.
She is currently working along side our hygienist and therapist.
She started her dental nurse course in September 2016 at Derby College.
                                                We'll keep your smile shining!

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