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Passionate about the future of dentistry

Beaufort Dental Health Centre

Here at Beaufort, we’re really passionate about the future. Whether that comes in the form of the amazing technological developments or in the form of people just starting out on their journey in the dental sector, we love it!

Currently, we have Nick on board, who is studying at Dental School, based at Manchester University. He’s just completed the first year of five and is thoroughly enjoying learning the finer details of oral health. Lucky really – to become a dentist, he has to study for a grand total of 5 years – meaning he’ll be a qualified dentist in 2018!

Nervous Patient - Julie's Journey

Being nervous about visiting the dentist is common; it’s a fear that’s right up there with spiders, birds and flying – and for lots of people, is understandable. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should just sit back and accept an uncomfortable mouth, a feeling of panic or an overwhelming sense of worry.

A patient of ours, Julie, had those fears just 4 weeks ago.

Her formative years were spent in and out of hospital undergoing reconstructive surgery – in fact, her first surgery was at 6 weeks old.

National Smile Month 2014

National Smile Month begins on 19May (ends on the19June) and we’re ultra-excited to be a part of it! National Smile Month is all about raising awareness about dental hygiene, oral health and how to make the most of your smile too!

How much do you love your smile?

You wouldn’t be in the minority if you said you didn’t like it, you know. It’s very common to feel self-conscious or unhappy about your smile…in fact, have a read of this really common conversation that our team have and see if you might see or hear yourself in it:

Cerec Crowns

Have you ever had that sense of dread when the dentist tells you that you’re going to need a crown fitting? All you can think is ‘’How long will that take?’’ or ‘’How many visits will it require?’’.

There’s no need for any of those concerns with the new member of our team, the Cerec machine. It’s an amazing piece of equipment and following our training with it at the beginning of April, we’re astounded by how simple it makes the crown fitting process.

It enables us to fit a crown for you in just one visit; and it won’t be an all-day appointment either as it’s super-fast.

White Wedding

After reading happy-ever-after fairy-tales, most girls imagine their own wedding to their Prince Charming. A wedding day is one of the most important days in a lady’s life (and of course, her fiancé and the family too). And now, as we head into spring, we’re also approaching wedding season; the time when people around the country are organising, preparing and getting ready for that very special day.

It’s also the time that the Bride and Groom (to-be) start organising ‘The Wedding Photographs’.


Our Spring Beaufort Dental Health Centre Newsletter is now ready
If you would like a copy please complete the contact form on our contacts page and we will email you a copy.

Dental Health

The National Smile Month is 15th May- 15th June.

Beaufort Dental Health Centre will be having various Exhibtions and giving out samples of Dental Health Products during this time to all our patients.

We want to raise of a healthy diet and the link between good oral health and good overall body health.

Of course, there is still much to do to improve the nation’s oral health.  Here’s just some of the reasons why we are continuing to campaign together to give us all an even bigger ‘Smile Factor’.